Sunday, April 29, 2012

Single Strand Knots Update

Back in January I wrote a post on SSKs (single strand knots)! I said I would update you guys on my progress in Feb... Well it's April so I thought I should do this little post! Lol

So far, I haven't developed many new ones! There are still left some left that I never cut. However, I have been moisturizing, sealing, and twisting nightly (with different products, I'll make a post about this sooner or later). I'm going to get a trim in the next 2 weeks for graduation, so after that I expect the SSKs to be next to nothing! So far, moisturizing and sealing really helps with the knots, so I'm trying to be a little less lazy and do it every night!  I'll update again in the next 2-3 months!

Oh by the way! I got accepted to SUNY Plattsburgh on the free tuition fellowship! So that's where I'll be going for grad school in the Fall! It's really cold up there (near Montreal, Canada) so I'm trying to use up as much glycerin based products and save my glycerin free products! I'm really excited!!!! ^.~

Peace out!

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