Monday, December 26, 2011

Oyin Whipped Pudding Review

Well ladies and possible gents, I have a review for you!!!! Since it’s winter, I know some people are doing twists, braids, and other protective styling… SO this review is for you!

Some background on Oyin Handmade:

Here’s their site:
Oyin is the African word for honey. And they use honey in most of their products because of the moisture and shine it imparts on hair. Well, I’m telling you! They chose the right name and ingredients! Their stuff is pretty good!

Now moving on to the review!

Oyin Whipped Pudding:

Texture: Smooth but very THICK
Smell: It smells like cocoa butter, and chocolate. I like! 
Moisture: Provides great moisture!
Application: It was sorta hard to apply...

I did a twist out with this and my hair was looking awesome! It was SUPER soft and SUPER shiny!!!! This is the first time I’ve done twists and couldn’t stop touching them and looking at them in the mirror! 

And get this! Usually after 4 to 5 days I need to put product on it to moisturize. But not with this stuff! My hair looked fresh! It probably would have looked better if I wasn’t so low maintenance … but shoot… for this lazy gal, it looked great! Lol Even 5 days later my hair feels soft! ^.~ 

Oh, when I took the twists out it was really good! They were curly, tight, and neat. Just perfect! I should have taken a picture. Next time I will! ^u^*

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 4 ½. I only gave it 4 ½ because it was so thick!!!! The jar says you can nuke it for a few seconds to soften… but I didn’t want to nuke it and kill the ingredients. Next time I might put it in a bowl of hot water so it’ll melt naturally! 

Also, it caused my hair to flake a bit. I don’t know why since I didn’t use much product on my hair before this one. I even deep conditioned with a moisturizing hair treatment (Curl Junkie; review to come!) before doing the twist. Maybe it’s because I didn’t use shampoo for a while. 

Other than that! I say this is a good product! I will definitely buy it again! ^.~ If you don't do twist outs, this product is also great for moisture! But remember! It's thick!
Peace and Love! 
Oh yea!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!