Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 for 1 Deal! (Part 2) Product Review: Shea Moisture’s Purification Masque

Hey guys! I'm back with your 2nd piece! Lol  *This time I’m using my own pics of the product!*
I believe Shea Moisture is pretty popular. So if you want more info, I suggest you go to their FB page.  

Smell: Love it! It smells like candy to me (PEZ Candy). ------>  
Others hate it… because it smells like bananas to them. Well it does have plantain extract. But I love plantains so meh!  
Texture: Smooth, sorta runny. It’s sorta like instant pudding.

Moisture: AWESOME! Even after you rinse it out your hair is soft! 
Application: Easy to Medium. Sometimes if you move your hand too fast the product might drip somewhere else. 

Product Claims: This product is said to remove build-up and prevent itchiness, ect. I agree with the build up removal. I had stopped shampooing when I started using this and I never had build up. But, I still have problems with itchy scalp. But honestly... I forget to put the product directly on my problem areas sometimes... MY BAD! But when I do, it does help. Lol 

Other Notes: It has tea tree oil (some people are sensitive to it), it’s protein free, glycerin free, organic, and pretty inexpensive (I got it during a Walgreens BOGO sale so I paid $4.99 for some, $0 for some, and $9.99 for some… the sale price was a fiasco…. But meh).  Also it has Kaolin Clay so you CANNOT leave this in. If you want to leave this in get the Balancing Condish from this line (it’s awesome as well and I will review it soon).

I’ve been using this DC since the summer. I've overnight DC'd, regular DC'd, dry DC'd, and wet DC'd with it. I've even added heat! It's great for everything! I’m on my third jar and I have six in my closet as backup! It’s on my Holy Grail list and I love it! It has AWESOME SLIP (probably because of the coconut oil as the 2nd ingredient)! I mean as soon as you put it on, the tangles just melt away. No need to use a comb, finger combing will suffice. It’s easy to rinse out and the smell doesn’t linger in your hair (especially important if you don’t like it).

Overall Rating: I give this a 5 out of 5. 

I’ve yet to find a DC that will replace this one. I thought the Curl Junkie Banana and Hibiscus Deep Fix DC was going to but NOPE. I figured they do the same job but Shea Moisture is cheaper and has a different smell. 

Peace out! I'll be back next week! ^.~