Friday, April 13, 2012

Battle of the Twist Out Creams and Butters

I originally did this in December so ignore the winter mumbo jumbo. I still think this is a good post. I still wish I had taken pics though. ~.~ Read on!

Well hey there guys! Since it’s winter time (and we’re all pretty low maintenance anyways) the twist out is the go to style when you don’t want to worry about styling your hair every day.

Also since it’s too cold in NY to do much else, I’ve been turning to twist outs more often. 

Well, unfortunately, I went a little crazy and purchased like 6 items that you can do twist outs with. ~.~ Since I like them all so far, I figured it would make sense to test each out at the same time and see which one was the best!
Well let’s do this!

The contenders are:
Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie (SM)
Curl Junkie’s Coffee-Coco Curl Cream (CJ)
Oyin’s Whipped Pudding (Oyin)
Uncle Funky’s Extra Butter (UF)

What I did:
I sectioned my hair into four sections. Then I applied and twisted each section with product. As I added product I used my knock off Demnan brush (it’s from Goody) to make sure each section was smooth. 

Here’s how I applied them

Oyin    | Front Right: SM
UF       | Back Right: CJ

The Results!
*Drum roll please*
The winner is:


Why this one?

Well, after 4 days, my twist out is less fizzy, more defined, and pretty moisturized!!!

The Curl Junkie was the worst (probably because of the protein and how I used it). It gave great curl definition but it has a waxy feel to it. I think it is supposed to be used for wash and gos. So oopppps!

The runner up was Uncle Funkys! I felt it gave me looser curls than the other ones and was very moisturizing as well. However, it frizzed up like a mother #%^$ *gasp*! 

The Oyin was a close 3rd. It frizzed up and loss the curly texture 1st. I’m not sure why? When I did it on my whole head it lasted much longer. Lol I’m thinking about using the Oyin as an overnight moisturizer because it keeps giving me flakes as well… I guess that’s one way to deal with this issue.

Well, I’m glad the Shea Moisture won because you can get it on the ground, I have two tubs in my closet, and it smellllllls sooooooo gooooood!

Well, see you guys later! I shall return! ^.~

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