Thursday, July 12, 2012

For the Wash n Go Challenged

Hey guys! I know it has been a while. But April, May, and June have been hectic and trying for me. I graduated from college, stopped volunteering (on some bullshit…), and developed asthma. But now that things have settled down, I figured I should start posting again! I’m also a product reviewer for KinkyCurlyCoilyMe (as of last night)! So I’ll definitely be posting over there. Whenever I do, I will provide a link! 

Well on to the post…

Some naturals swear by wash n go’s. As for me, I ALWAYS had issues doing them. Either I would get tangles and SSKs, my hair would shrink and not flatter my face, or I would use certain gels and get hard, crunchy, dry hair. Well, I finally figured out a technique to eliminate this! I hope this helps anyone who has issues with getting a nice wash n go.

After cleansing (this should be done on clean, wet hair) apply a light but moisturizing leave in conditioner (I used Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Nectar). While hair is still wet, apply a cream or creamy butter (I used Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter - Old Formula)! Then apply your gel while hair is still wet. Since I was afraid my hair would get hard, I opted for pure Aloe Vera Gel (Lily of the Dessert) which has a soft hold.

*Note: I started this process in the shower (leave in and butter) and ended in the kitchen (aloe vera gel).* 

I let my hair air dry and checked for moisture by touching lightly. For the most part, my hair was soft, moveable, WELL DEFINED, and fell in my face nicely. 

Now to preserve the style you can add a light refresher (a light leave in or spray leave in) and pineapple. I like to make two on both sides of my head so I can sleep more comfortably. I used Oyin’s Juices and Berries as a leave in spray and sealed with Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). If you use a lotion type leave in, spray hair with water first, apply the leave in, and then lightly seal.

The next day my hair felt sorta dry in my jungle area (the sides near my ears). The rest of my hair felt relatively soft. So I refreshed with Curl Junkie Coco Cream Lite and sealed again. Today my hair feels sorta gunky. Next time, I won’t use so many different products and seal each time. But for the most part, 1st and 2nd day hear were wearable and soft (except for my jungle). For me, if my jungle stays moisturized after a day or two, I know the moisture content on the product is excellent. Unfortunately, I can’t say that for the Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter. I’m testing it out some more before I do a formal review. But so far, it’s not a staple or a re-purchase.

I’ll be back with more posts!