Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Darcy’s Botanicals Vanilla Delight Daily Leave-In Review

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a lot of products. I got a B.A.S.K Beauty haul, a Camille Rose haul, and I broke out some glycerin filled products I crammed to the back of my shelves during the colder months.

Also, I’ve been dissatisfied with my leave in condishes (esp. the Oyin Hair Dew which has been iffy with me lately). I mean, my hair was dry like no other after a day or half a day – something I’m not used to. So taking note of the weather outside, I broke out this Vanilla Delight Daily Leave In. And now, I’m officially in love! 

When I first tried this leave in the winter I was totally in like with it. But since it was so cold out (the glycerin… ~.~), I knew I couldn’t use it… But with the warmer temps, this leave in has been the bomb biggity! I mean, all I do is spray some water (with grapeseed and olive oil mixed in) on my hair, and throw some of this leave in on top. My hair is soft, bouncy, and touchable!  

So let’s get down to the specs!

Moisture: EXCELLENT!
Texture: Very light. It easily moves in the bottle. *This is why I didn't bother to take a pic of the texture. It's soooo light and runny!*
Smell: It has the light smell of Vanilla!
Application: Easy. Be careful though! It’s easy to be heavy handed!
Price: 8 oz: $12, 16oz: $20.
Product Claims: “Darcy's Botanicals NEW Daily Leave-In Conditioner will tame your frizzies, provide healthy conditioning, moisture, softness, and will make your hair easy to detangle!”
So far, I agree with everything but the frizzes. I didn’t really use it for that. And usually I use pomade to smooth down my hair occasionally. But I will be testing that out in the coming weeks.  

Great slip, very moisturizing, great smell, affordable. Slicks down old and frayed ends pretty well! 

Hmmm… it’s so light sometimes a lot more comes out than you might have wanted. But this is a very minor con. Perhaps the 16 oz would be perfect since it has a pump. 

This brand has become one of my favorites along with Shea Moisture! I also love their Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream! I’ll be reviewing that with an interesting post very soon! *^.~ lol

Once I’m done narrowing down companies and finalizing my Holy Grail List, I know this brand will be one of my go to brands.  Their stuff just agrees with my hair! Love it!

~.^ Well peace out, I’ll be back very soon! ^.~